Instant Kunnun Tsamiya

Product: Instant Kunnun Tsamiya

Type: Cereal

Description: Tamarind Millet Gruel

Product: Instant Diet Kunnun Tsamiya

Type: Cereal

Description: Diet Tamarind Millet Gruel

Instant Fura

Product: Instant Fura

Type: Cereal

Description: Granulated -Millet mixed with milk or yoghurt

City Tea

Product: City Tea

Type: Beverage ​

Description: Unique tea with blissful aroma

Food Supplement

Enriched Cereal Supplement. Action meal is a Food Supplement for malnourish people Formulated by Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria (IHVN) are processed from Maize, Soya Bean and Ground nut. On contracts for Institutional and other  Buyers.

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