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Dala Foods Nigeria Limited was incorporated in May 1979 and started operation in 1980 as a Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales Company. As one of the pioneer Family company that is in Existence

Contract Production

All our products are registered and Certified by NAFDAC, SON and other relevant Government Agencies.

We do production base on your demand, want or needs (specification) you provide what you want we analyze it and produce for you. Such as

Main Business

We started with Tea Blending and packaging as our main business and we source our Raw Tea from both Local and International Tea markets.

After two decades of operation, the Company extends its line of production by going in to Processing, Drying and Packaging of grains in to Instant Food Drinks.

Our main focus on grains processing, Drying, and Packaging is to promote our local culture across all Nigerian regions, Africa, and the International Communities (Markets) as a whole through Value addition and to provide more opportunity to Farmers by patronizing their Agricultural produce (output)

Sales Points

We currently have distributors in about 25 states across Nigeria. To mention a few are Kano, Abuja, Maiduguri, Plateau, Benue, Minna, and Lagos

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